Sunday, November 2, 2008

Puss in Boots

Is this a classic? Google Book Search lead me to the author Charles Perrault and the story of Puss in Boots in French and English. Then I went to Project Gutenberg and found his collection of stories in French available to be downloaded in several formats. It was very quick and easy to find. Also the 'audiobook' was available in 'human-voice' (as opposed to cat-voice?!)
Reading about ebooks in general, yes it seems a wonderful thing. (You don't need to pack all those heavy books into your bag when travelling?)Interesting that publishers are using the ebook thing to gauge how much interest there is in a new manuscript before actually publishing it.
'But what about the book as object ?', said my one friend.
for some reason this made me think about collections of letters, my own past correspondence as well as published collections and what the ebook version of these could be? Convenience comes at a cost. Discovering a bundle of love letters or inheriting Nonna's handwritten recipe book is something you just can't 'digitize '. Would you want to?

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