Sunday, August 17, 2008

Playing Solitaire

I was intrigued to discover the same person who took the photos I used in the music mosaic visited NZ recently and photographed another of my 'secret' passions: Kariotahi Beach. I suppose this is one of the main attractions of sites where everyone shares their experiences, visual and otherwise.
One thing leads to another.
You start to feel connected .
It's hard not to become too personally 'involved' in this journey. To begin with I was infuriated with the jargon associated with anything Web-related (mashup? splogs? bleader? blook?)
I mean, who makes this stuff up?And I resented the time it took trying to navigate through the maze. Now I'm almost enjoying it. It's strangely pleasurable -are we all just voyeurs and exhibitionists? (But I do miss caterwauling on the rooftops with my mates.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

La Bella Figura

Flickr, I can't stop looking at you.
You entice me, you amuse me, you frustrate me.
And just when I think I have you all figured out, you slip effortlessly out of my grasp and

Saturday, August 2, 2008

tango in black
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tango lesson

I am dancing a very slow and difficult tango with a complete stranger. Completing each exercise is time-consuming and physically and mentally demanding. I know that in time we will understand all the convoluted steps , it just takes a lot of practice!